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Our camp is organized by Banzai Camps © (specialists in educational camps, Fast English © (specialists in English immersion programs for children, youth and adults) and has the collaboration of the School of Martial Arts of Madrid. Kenpo Kai have signed up for the project with the aim of contributing with sportsmen and instructors of international category.


The martial arts and survival program is meant to be a challenge for the kids, since it seeks to teach them values of coexistence, discipline, effort and improvisation under pressure situations, developing a similar philosophy to the Bushido code.


All of the activities are carried out in a safe and controlled environment under full and attentive monitoring of the camp team and ensuring, above all, the safety of the campers. We are going to have a great time, discovering and carrying out activities that they would not do in their daily life.


Our camp includes surfing lessons at Cala Galdana beach, where qualified surf instructors will teach the kids how to catch waves.


We will also visit the beach of Macarella and we will have different activities and sports both in the forest and on the beach. We will discover the nearest towns and we will do survival workshops so the kids can learn the basics of living in nature.


The language program has both adventure and creativity, and is focused on the realization of multi-adventure activities and creative projects in which the language is used at all times.


It will be a Spanish immersion with experienced teachers in children's education, without losing sight of the main objective: LEARNING PLAYING®

The activity program is designed in order to challenge the students and take them out of their comfort zone, so that they can identify new skills through the obstacles they encounter both in the camp and in the sport.
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