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Fast English © Urban Summer Camp where kids can be kids, without losing sight of the main objective: LEARN ENGLISH PLAYING®
Fast English has more than 20 years of experience teaching LEARN ENGLISH PLAYING®, a program that we extend and extrapolate to our summer camps.


We have specific workshops every week with specialists and monitors that master different subjects, aimed at different age groups. Thus, in addition to being a playful and enriching experience, it will also support our language immersion learning program. Last year we did: photography, writing, film, introduction to American football, modern and funky dance, martial arts, Hawaiian luau, skating and much more!


Our Summer Camp includes private excursions for our students and different activities that will be organized by age groups. We take the necessary safety measures on our excursions, with coaches that comply with European safety regulations and with qualified personnel that ensure the welfare of your children at all times. Last year's excursions were to the U.A.M. private swimming pool, Parque de Europa, Honbu of Kenpo Kai, Madrid Río, Retiro Park, Vertical Park, Danone factory and Caixa Forum. All our excursions have departure and collection from our center, we try to leave at 9:30 a.m. and return before 2p.m.



english summer

Kids from 4 to 9 years old

The camp is divided by thematic weeks. The activities are adapted to each age range and we allow our students to carry out special games and workshops in which we use the specific vocabulary in English of the chosen topic so that they can let their imagination fly and practice speaking in that language.

summer games

Kids from 10 to14 years old

The camp aims to challenge the older students of the camp in a constructive way and, in addition to awakening their interest in different fields, to help them get involved in the subject.


Each week a series of projects are proposed, from which the students will have to choose and form teams to carry out.


In addition to learning specific English vocabulary, students will acquire resources and tools in the different fields of their interest at the hands of professionals from different sectors to take forward the proposed projects.


Specific materials will be provided to carry out their creative ideas, as well as tutorials. All of this combined with excursions and outdoor games typical of our camp make for a unique exciting summer urban adventure.

The program is designed to challenge the students and take them out of their comfort zone, so that they can identify skills in themselves that they would not otherwise see.
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